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Who Should Pay Zakaah

To pay Zakâh is incumbent on every adult Muslim of sound mind, man or woman, who is the legitimate owner of wealth, taxable under the law of Zakâh.

Zakâh is obligatory upon a person if:

  1. He/she is a Muslim
  2. He/she is an adult
  3. He/she is a sane person
  4. He/she owns wealth to the value of a nisâb
  5. Fully owned by them
  6. In excess of their personal needs (clothing, household furniture, utensils and cars etc, are termed as articles of personal use)
  7. It should be possessed by them for a complete lunar year; (i.e. ±354 days); and
  8. Of a productive nature from which they can derive profit or benefit such as merchandise for business, currency, gold, silver, livestock, etc.