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Alumni Messages

“The entire Sudan Graduates Association in Malawi (SUGAM) members, wishes to extend a heart-felt thank you for IZF commitment to making us successful with our studies. The financial support that IZF rendered to us through the Zakat paid by well-wishers made us what we are now and we are grateful for that. Your generous contribution helped make our vision a reality by helping to offset the cost of pursuing tertiary studies.” The Chairperson, Sudan Graduates Association in Malawi

“The Islamic Zakaat Fund is an organisation that has uplifted the plight and lives of many Malawian Muslim Youth in Malawi through bursaries and scholarship both in local and international universities and colleges. As one of the one of the beneficiaries of such bursaries, I have benefited a lot because we can now support ourself, our immediate family members and even those underprivileged Muslims. It is very important that the activities of IZF be supported fully so that it continues to support and uplift the needy.” Islamic University in Uganda Alumni Malawi Chapter

“Alhamdulillah, IZF scholarship truly transformed our lives and we can genuinely say that the scholarship has a ripple effect as now we are able to support our families and other brothers and sisters within and beyond the communities we live in.” Zanzibar University Muslims Graduates Association, Blantyre Chapter