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As University spaces are limited locally, IZF sponsors Malawian students at Universities in neighboring countries in addition to local Universities and Secondary schools. Over the years, with IZF support over 2000 graduates have qualified and work in Malawi, including Medical doctors, Engineers, Pharmacists, Nurses, Economists, Accountants, Business Consultants, Lawyers, Secondary School teachers. Every year, the Board plans the number of students in each programme at every university. Generally IZF contributes tuition fees, accomodation, transportation, registration, permit and medication fee as well as a monthly pocket allowance.

Overview of International Scholarship

As University spaces were limited locally, IZF started to sponsor Malawian students at Universities in neighboring countries in addition to Local Universities and Secondary schools. Some of the countries where students are sent are Sudan (International University of Africa), Tanzania (Zanzibar and Sumait University), and Uganda (Islamic University in Uganda). Currently, we have reduced or phased out some countries for two reasons. The first being the homogeneity of courses provided with other local private institution. We have noted that, with the establishment of local private universities, it is better to support students in the local institutions whose courses are also available abroad. The second reason is cost. Supporting students locally is on average less costly than abroad, hence more students may be supported if we focus resources locally. However, we are still sending students to Sudan, because the University offers scholarship and also because there are courses that are too competitive locally, and other courses offered at IUA are not yet introduced here