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Chairman's Remarks

As-Salam Alykum

The Chairman
The Chairman - Kassam Okhai

On behalf of IZF Board members, I wish to express deep thanks and appreciation to the local business community and well wishers as well as abroad project partners such as Dedza Welfare Trust (DWT-UK), Malawi Relief Fund UK for their support over the years.

Islamic Zakat Fund was registered as a charitable organisation on 16th Agust 1991 for the interest of the needy and deserving youth in Malawi

Education is central to development and to the improvement of the lives of young people in Malawi and beyond. Knowledge and education are key factors to the full and effective participation of youth in the processes of social, economic and political development. The Muslim Community in Malawi is very passionate about ensuring that education and professional training for young people receive the needed attention particularly those who are less privileged, so as to pave their way to become self-reliant and contribute to the development of the community in particular and the nation at large.

Guided by the Holy Qur'an, Surah Taubah, verses 60 and 103, Islamic Zakaat Fund was established to support the needy Muslim youth through providing bursaries and Scholarships. Since its registration in 1991, over 2,000 IZF sponsored students have graduated and most of them are working in public and private sectors, holding senior positions such as Bank Executives, Medical Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Teachers, Accountants and Auditors.

IZF is currently sponsoring 289 continuing students in international Universities including Islamic University in Uganda, Zanzibar University & Sumait University in Tanzania and International University of Africa (IUA) in Sudan. IZF is also sponsoring over 1,000 continuing students in local Universities/Colleges and Secondary Schools While IZF has succeeded this far, the charity organization experiences many financial challenges to continue supporting as many needy students as possible. The number of students applying for support is increasing ever y year. During the 2018/2019 academic year, IZF plans to increase the number of beneficiaries. However, the plan will only succeed if we can raise the budget for both local and international students in 2018/19 Academic Year which is at $1,387,254. I thank you all