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Success Stories

Graduate from International University of Africa
Name: Aisha Katita Postion: Medical Doctor Company / Organization: Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe

It is empirically known that there are few female doctors in Malawi . Aisha expresses how happy she is to be among the few doctors in Malawi, in particular female Muslim medical practitioner

Aisha hails from Njalo village in Zomba. In her way to search for opportunity to fulfill her dream, in 2009, Aisha Katita heard an advert on Radio Islam calling for prospect candidates to study at International University of Africa in Sudan. She applied for IZF Scholarship and was successful, being among the 23 selected. Aisha has this message to share:

“I have gone against my community belief , 'girls should not be allowed to advance in education than boys'. The biggest weapon to change the community is through education. Yes we need food, shelter and clothes to live. But I applaud IZF eforts for educating the youth. Look at me, I am proud to be a doctor . I am helping others. Its all possible because of education. Yes it’s because of IZF I have a chieved what I wanted.”

“I thank IZF and all donors who tirelessly continue supporting IZF activities. I assur e them they ar e not losing, it is the best thing to do for us.”

Graduate from Zanzibar University
Name: Lackibu Master Postion: Lawyer Company / Organization: Chidothe Chidothe Company

Life teaches us different lessons. But to Lackibu Master, there is only one lesson, never give up. Lackibu studied at Zanzibar University for five years to acquire a Bachelor of Law and Shariah.

Asked to explain why he keeps in mind one lesson of life, Lackibu has this to say: “Of course destiny lies in the hands of Allah (God), I am a qualified Law practitioner because of the support I received from IZF (Islamic Zakaat Fund). My family background is of someone who could not afford to pay for school fees. After form four, I had to find means of sustainance, including running up and down in town selling products to earn a living. I never thought I would be here when I look back.

I kept looking for opportunity until I heard that IZF is receiving applications from students to study in Zanzibar, I then got selected. As a lawyer, today together with other lawyers we engage in sensitizing communities on what law says about land. Lackibu advises his fellow beneficiaries that although support is there, it’s all the responsibility for everyone to engage in charity

Graduate from Sumait University
Name: Konzekani Akimu Postion: Deputy Headteacher Company / Organization: Puteya Secondary School

Konzekani Akimu is a teacher by profession. He started his primary school at Chamba LEA primary school in 1996 later moved to Puteya primary school where he was selected to Puteya Secondary School in 1999, his education future looked uncertain as parents and relatives could not afford to support him with tuition fees at secondary school level.

Konzekani explain how he saw the light. “ As I was trying to find out how I can pursue my education, one of the then teachers, told me about an Islamic Organisation that supports needy students. This is the time I came to know about Islamic Zakaat Fund.

Throughout his secondary school, having secured a bursary from IZF, he was not sure what to do after completing form 4. While in form 4, he was encouraged by his Patron who advised him that IZF will continue to support its beneficiaries up to college.

“I am happy today, working in the Ministry of Education as a Deputy Head teacher at the same school I studied, Puteya Secondary School. If I were given food I would have forgotten even its taste. By supporting me with education I am able to takecare of myself, family and relatives

“I am enjoying my life today because of them (IZF). I was offered an Islamic Zakaat Fund scholarship to study Bachelor of Education at University College of Education (now known as Sumait University) in 2004. Indeed IZF Scholarship has changed my life from an ordinary person to a middle class person.

A graduate from Islamic University in Uganda
Name: Yusuf Witness Nthenga Postion: Lawyer

The road to becoming a professional Lawyer is completely different for Yusuf Nthenda, who comes from Chitseko village T/A Juma in Mulanje District. Born from very poor family and raised by a single parent, Yusuf started paying his own fees at the age of 11. He used to work and pay his own fees. He struggled until he reached standard 8 with support from well wishers.

In 1992, during the early establishment of IZF, he received support to complete his Malawi School Certificate in 1993. In his search to become a Lawyer, Yusuf was employed by a legal firm as a clerk . “After some two years while working as a clerk, I decided to go back to school to get a good MSCE. It was in 2004 when IZF offered me a scholarship to go and study in Uganda at Islamic University in Uganda.”If Islam did not make zakaat compulsory, I would not be where I am. Imagine if people were failing to pay fees for me at primary school, imagine what could have happened at college. I thank Islamic Zakaat Fund and all who contribute to IZF, they are indeed doing a great job in transforming people's life, here I am a lawyer.” Today Yusuf is able to join charity work such as paying school fees to other needy students, a symbol that ensures IZF objectives are reached

A graduate from Malawi College of Accountancy
Name: Kassim Symon Postion: Police Officer

As a Police Officer, education is a key. It is always difficult to upgrade oneself in education, due to the fact that we all face family problems, especially financial challenges

Kassim appreciates the fact that IZF gave him a bursary to pursue his studies at Malawi College of Accountancy (MCA) where he successfully,graduated

“Now that I have finally graduated, I wish to repay by joining them to support needy Muslims in education.”