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Vote of Thanks

We wish to express deep thanks and appreciation to the local business community and well-wishers who have been tirelessly contributing to IZF throughout the years. We have achieved this together. We would also like to appreciate the following partners for their continued support:

Dedza Welfare Trust (DWT) UK

We have successfully implemented different projects funded by Dedza Welfare Trust (UK). We have carried out a project for supporting final year students in Sudan for three successive years (2014, 2015 and 2016), where a total of 65 students achieved undergraduate degrees

Due to the trust they have on us, we started implementing a project of supporting locally studying students, where apart from paying their tuition fees, they are supporting them with pock et allowance. From 2016, there were 54 students under this project, and currently there are 43 of which 11 of them completed their studies in 2017.

Euro Charity Trust (ECT) UK

We are implementing a project of supporting students attending medical courses at Malawi College of Health Sciences. Under this project, 57 have already graduated for Diploma in different medical courses. Currently, they are sponsoring 66 continuing students at Malawi College of Health Sciences in Lilongwe, Blantyre and Zomba campuses and 33 are expected to graduate in November, 2018. We are optimistic that this project shall continue in the coming years as it is bearing direct fruits to the beneficiaries.

Malawi Relief Fund (UK)

They have joined us to support students in Vocational training at Maone Vocational Centre. This is a relief to IZF and Management of MVTC since running the center has been always costly. Apart from that, they have also entrusted us with a project of sponsoring medical students at Malawi College of Health Sciences. In 2018 academic, 33 students already admitted into the college

In addition to the scholarship supported by MRF they entrusted us with food distribution and farm inputs programmes.