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Islamic Zakaat Fund is a registered charitable organization with the aim of providing Bursaries and scholarships to Malawian youth so that they become self-reliant and contribute to the development of their community or the nation.

To achieve our goal, we collect funds inform of Zakaat or general donations and channel the same to support students realize their goal. Malawi, being among the poorest countries, education is too expensive for a needy student to pursue further studies. Your assistance makes them realize their goals.


Strive in putting an efficient mechanism for collection of Zakaat and the efficient distribution of the same towards education advancement for less privileged students as a means to improve their welfare with a view of converting Zakaat recipients to Zakaat payers.

IZF Objectives

  1. Supporting the less privileged Malawian students with scholarships and Bursaries at local and foreign institutions.
  2. Provide training to school leavers in technical and vocational skills
  3. Propagate the concept of charity, the role it plays in the spiritual moral and material development of the community.
  4. To instill moral and leadership education to the youth
  5. To change Zakaat beneficiaries into Zakaat Payers