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Zanzibar University

Zanzibar University is another international University where IZF sends students to study different professional courses. Many students who have graduated from this private institution are enjoying good work in Malawi. The graduates are employed in government as well as private sector with IZF started sending students to Zanzibar early in 1999. As at today, more than 250 have graduated from this institution. They are supporting their families as well as others. Majority of our sponsored students at Zanzibar are core figures of ZUMGA (Zanzibar University Muslim Graduates Association), who have achieved a lot in Malawi. The average annual cost of sponsoring a student at Zanzibar is $3,500. In 2017/2018 academic year. we have 89 students continuing (59 Male and 30 Female) at Zanzibar University We expect 58 students to complete their studies by August 2018 at Zanzibar University, of which below are the details.

Expected 2018 Graduates

S/N Program of Study Total per Gender Total
1 Bachelor of Arts in Economics 8 3 11
2 Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration 6 4 10
3 Bachelor of Procurement and Logistic Management 6 9 15
4 Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance 8 1 9
5 Bachelor of Business Information Technology 1 1 2
6 Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing 2 1 3
7 Bachelor of International Relation and Diplomacy 1 1 2
8 Bachelor of Social Work 4 2 6
Total 36 22 58